• optimizes logistics processes from the distribution centre to the back of store
  • enabling autonomous processes

autonomous receiving in the back of store:

- supplier self check-in system
- process breakdown alerts
- quantity and quality checks


  • increasing sales conversion at shelf and across the sales floor
  • enhancing customer experience

pinpoints customer product interaction at shelf:

- enabling immediate employee intervention in the "moments that matter"
- increasing sales conversion, while
- improving customer experience and satisfaction
- real-time identification of non-performing products/brands


  • loss prevention solution for self-checkout
  • real-time intervention system

loss prevention solution for self-checkout resulting in the:

- detection of product non-scan and other sources of product loss
- increase in sales from higher throughput capacity
- improvement and enhancement of customer experience

where we started

  • when everseen looked at the checkout sales process, it identified the root cause of shrink/loss in a manner no other ERP or POS system could see

    a $43bn challenge the retail industry no longer has to depend on the naked eye to solve
  • this revolution marked the beginning of our process shaping journey